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Netamto weather station


In this age of smart technology, humankind has grown curious about knowing weather conditions, among others. However, as challenging as learning the climate around your house can be, a home smart weather station makes this anticipation job easier. 

We know that a home weather station can monitor the outdoor weather conditions more than any weather forecast app or commercial weather station. But, the dilemma is to choose the best weather station that can measure the temperature, rainfall, wind speed, pressure, and relative humidity and deliver localized information.

We bring you the Netatmo weather station 2022, specializing in providing the most accurate readings about the climate around your residence and neighbourhood. Among different weather station brands, this impressive device not just monitors the outdoor weather conditions but also acquires maximum information with precise readings regarding the inside environment of your house.

Let’s take a look into the Netatmo weather station review and you can decide if this is the right choice for you.

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netatmo weather station

Netamto- wireless weather station


Pros and cons of Netatmo weather station


It provides detailed information about weather conditions.​
You can personalize the alerts according to your preference.​
The Netatmo weather station comes with multiple sensor options.​
Wireless interaction in and around the house.
Accessible data from anywhere. Real-time notifications.
Easy installation.​
It is a health-oriented device.
It also records and stores historical data, which helps in reviewing and analyzing the past readings.
Smart home compatibility.


This wireless device is pretty expensive ($140-$320) when it comes to buying the Wind and Rain Gauges for extra assistance.
Even though the temperature gauge for this device is precise and error-free, it cannot render an accurate forecast.

Features of Netamto Weather Station

Widespread Smart Compatibility :

Netatmo weather station connects to your Wi-Fi network and is placed in the room from where you need to monitor it the most. It is entirely compatible with Android, iPhone, and Windows devices, thus rendering you real-time weather information via notifications.

Due to its compatibility with Apple homekit and Alexa, you have access to the weather readings at any time through Alexa on Amazon Echo, or Siri.

Get Alerts On Your Smartphone :

One of the biggest perks of having the Netatmo weather station is its ability to alert you regarding the weather on your smartphone. This feature takes you to a whole new quality of life. One can only imagine getting an alert before it even starts to rain. But, with Netatmo, it is possible.

You don’t even have to monitor the device continuously. One needs to set up notifications for the conditions that you are concerned with. Now, you can spend the day without worrying about the weather conditions; you’ll be notified accordingly through notifications.

Stylish Technology That Empowers You With Information :

The design of this device is pretty smooth, stylish, and innovative at the same time. One of the most trending weather stations, Netatmo wireless weather station is cylindrical in appearance and has an elegant look. This unique device includes a CO2 sensor that measures and evaluates the level of indoor pollution, humidity, and temperature. The moment it alerts you with the estimations, you can take preventive measures accordingly.

However, like any other technology, this advanced weather station can also be tricky to use at first. Therefore, it would be best to look into the instructions before figuring out all the controls yourself.

What Makes Netamto weather station Even Better :

With various weather station sensors connected to the main device, and conditions set up for notifications, one can have a complete weather station at their home itself. You can enjoy its features to the fullest if the sensors are placed in an area that enables them to communicate with your weather station. 

Additional sensors such as the rain gauge and the wind gauge may double the overall price you intended to spend, but it also renders more information about the indoor and outdoor conditions, making the purchase worth it.

netmato wireless weather station

Specification of Netamto wireless weather station

  • Product Dimensions – 1.8 x 1.8 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight – 1 pound
  • Batteries – 4 AAA batteries required
  • Provides indoor and outdoor sensors as part of the kit
  • Wind and rain gauges (optional)
  • Smartphone app for alert notifications
  • Alexa support
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Is This Weather Station Perfectly Accurate?

When it comes to accuracy, no home weather station provides perfectly accurate measurements. Every weather station equipment acquires some level of inaccuracy, which leads to considering an accuracy level for each piece of equipment. 

For example, the manufacturer of Netatmo Weather Station states the accuracy level of ± 3% and ± 0.54°F on humidity and temperature, respectively.

One should also know that this device seems to work functionally with quality routers. If the wireless network equipment is not up-to-date, the connectivity can cause problems with the weather station itself.

How Much Data Does Netamto weather station Use?

Netatmo uses much less data to fulfill its purpose. It uses an average of 20 MB of your data per month. However, with additional modules, the data consumption also increases by around 2 MB every month.

Should you buy the Netatmo Weather Station?

If you feel that this advanced technology is the best option for acquiring real-time data with efficient wireless outdoor and indoor modules, then this one’s for you. Whether you are an avid gardener, or keen on getting ahead of nature, or just curious about the climate around you, the Netatmo Weather Station assists you in the best way possible.

Who should buy the Netatmo weather station?

Though the Netatmo review says that it is a highly advanced technology with fascinating features, the device is just not for everyone. This wireless and well-connected technology is best suited for household purposes. It has limited features if one wishes to use it for professional work or outdoor estimation for weather conditions. But, it operates smartly in a household while rendering a comfortable life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Netatmo’s temperature gauge is error-free and tends to really nail it, especially with the app. The Netatmo app makes it the best option when it comes to being intuitive. The Netatmo Indoor Weather Station gives you the humidity, temperature, noise, and CO2 measurements for the inside of your house. This efficient weather station even sends out alerts to air out your home as and when required, thus keeping the indoor environment healthier.

The Netatmo Outdoor Weather Station, on the other hand, gives you the pressure, humidity, and temperature readings around your house and locality. It renders the most accurate figures that help you out should you plan an outdoor activity.

The Netatmo outdoor module should be placed in a sheltered area to avoid direct rainfall and be out of direct sunlight, leading to protecting and maintaining the weather station device. Since the module is mountable, you can place it anywhere you like.

The Netatmo weather station needs sensors to render maximum and accurate readings regarding the temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, wind speed, and direction. It measures these outdoor weather conditions using the hygrometer, thermometer, anemometer, and rain gauge. 

Whereas the indoor module measures the humidity, temperature, noise, and carbon dioxide inside your house, thus serving home automation. One can acquire multiple indoor modules to monitor more than one room in a house. The user can include up to three additional modules to their Netatmo urban weather station.


A home weather station is a reliable innovation that works expertly for people who aspire to know the climatic conditions around them throughout the seasons. The Netatmo weather station suffices its users with its compelling features and indoor-outdoor modules along with an app, therefore, adding to a smart home. Be it the incredible features or compatibility with smartphones and smart homes; this device is worth every penny you intend to spend.

To sum up, the Netatmo Weather Station will be the best option if you are looking for a device to look after your household environment majorly, and limited results on outdoor conditions, for a secure and comfortable future.

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