what to wear in different weather

What to Wear in 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or Even in 80° Weather?

The thermometers are soon going to take a huge dive as the temperatures start fluctuating.

It is true that you have no control over the weather but you should know what you should wear and what you shouldn't when the temperatures are very low or they are extremely high.

To protect yourself from the wrath of the weather, it is important that you wear the proper kind of dresses.

What to Wear in 30 Degrees?

Winter is undoubtedly beautiful because it provides the idea of hot chocolate and warm soup while sitting beside a fire.

However, it is impossible to feel snug all throughout the day as you are not going to stay in the comfort of your home always. You can wear the basic winter coats which are stylish and do not make you look shapeless.

As soon as the temperatures start dropping more, you can wear woolen sweaters and carry a stove along with you to beat the chills.

To keep your feet warm, try wearing a pair of boots. These footwears are not only available in boring black colors, but they are available in various designs and styles.

You can opt for the ankle boots or the mid-calf boots. This combo of dresses will help you to combat the chilly winter.

What to Wear in 40 Degrees?

It can be extremely frustrating if you do not have the proper kind of clothing when the temperature reaches 40 Degrees.

You can wear a pair of comfortable slacks or jeans. Wearing a dress or shorts can be a bad idea as it is still cold during these times.

However, you can wear leggings along with a dress or shots.

Wear long-sleeved tops that have high necklines. You can throw a light jacket on top of the top if you feel cold.

Try to wear the acrylic fabric if you have plans to run or hike along with your friends. Heavy coats are not required during this time, but you can need a shrug or a light overcoat.

Try to carry a hat and a pair of gloves along with you so that you can make yourself comfortable when the temperature starts dropping.

What to Wear in 50 Degree Weather?

When the temperature reaches 50°, it means that Spring is approaching. You can get your hands on the warm woolen coats when you are going out.

When you are dressing up for spring, you need to be extremely versatile. Spring can bring rain or sun, and it is very difficult to predict the weather.

Even if you wear a top and a pair of jeans, keep a cardigan in your bag so that you do not feel cold when the temperature starts dropping or chilly winds starts blowing all of a sudden.

In case if the temperatures are extremely hot, your t-shirt and shorts are ideal.

What to Wear in 60 Degree Weather?

Various aspects have to be kept in mind when you are selecting your outfit when the temperatures have started reaching 60°.

Here, the very first thing that you should do is checking whether it is hot, windy, cloudy or if the temperatures are moderate.

Only after then, you can decide what you should be wearing. If the weather is rainy or cloudy, you can wear a waterproof jacket along with a cozy pair of leggings or jeans.

Style your outfit with a pair of waterproof boots. A t-shirt and a pair of Capri will be perfect when it is extremely sunny.

What to Wear in 65 Degree Weather?

Summers have almost started to knock on your doors though the temperature has not started surging yet?

You can go for the long sleeved casual cotton t-shirts, which will keep you protected in case if the weather turns cold all of a sudden.

Also, you can wear dresses that you want to, but ensure that you carry a jacket or a stole in your bag always.

What to Wear in 70 Degree Weather?

Since the summers are already in, there is no point in wearing woolen clothing or warm jackets anymore.

You can wear a pair of comfortable jeans or shorts along with your favorite striped tops or embroidered dresses.

Carrying a jacket in your bag is always mandatory as during the evening the temperatures can fall.

What to Wear in 74 Degree Weather?

It is necessary to keep yourself cool even during the hot summer season. Instead of wearing the dark colored clothes, you should opt for the light colored ones.

Pair your shorts with your favorite tank tops or crop tops along with your favorite flip-flops. This will help you stay cool even during the summer seasons.

What to Wear in 80 Degree Weather?

When the temperature tends to reach 80 degrees or above, it is best to wear the light and airy clothes, which will allow your skin to breathe.

Wearing tight dresses can lead to certain skin diseases and other issues. The ruffled tops or the light colored summer dresses are ideal when the temperatures are above 80 degrees.

To conclude, you should try to stay as comfortable as you can during the seasonal changes. Wearing a dress that does not suit the temperature outside can be extremely irritating.

Therefore, it is always necessary to wear the proper kind of cloth so that you can concentrate on your work without being much distracted.

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