Top 10 Best Fishing Rain Gears Reviewed for 2022


Fishing is a pleasant way to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you want to fish with your family or friends or catch yourself some dinner, you will be taking part in a relaxing and rewarding activity.

The pleasant scenery paired with beautiful wet weather makes for a great fishing experience.

That is, until rainfall strikes.

Then it just becomes about you rowing back to shore as quickly as possible to avoid getting drenched, and there is nothing pleasant about that.

Herein, you will require the best rain gear for fishing.

Rainfall does not bring a bad catch. Insects are more likely to fly near the surface of the water, bringing the fishes closer and making for great fishing.

With the right rain gear, you will be ready to catch those incredible aquatic animals.

Why Do You Need Rain Gear?

Wearing waterproof and breathable rainwear provides a few advantages during your fishing session. Below are the most common three;

It Keeps You (And Your Stuff) Dry on The Inside

Your typical rain gear is made up of a membrane that rainwater cannot penetrate. This way, your clothes, and valuables remain dry. You do not want your smartphones catching some of those raindrops, especially if they are not water-resistant.

It Also Serves As a Wind Protector

Rain gear is thick enough to protect you from more than one element. When you are facing chilly winds, rest assured, your rain gear would keep you as warm as possible.

Helps Evaporate Sweat

If you exert yourself and end up sweating, the rain gear helps move the sweat vapor around keeping that pesky perspiration away.

Top 10 Best Finishing Gear of 2021 Comparison Table

FroggToggs All Sport Rain Suit Rating: 92/100 View latest Deal →
Coleman PVC/Nylon Rain Suit Rating: 91/100 View Latest Deal →
SWISSWELL Rain Suit Rating: 90/100 View Latest Deal →
 WindRider Pro Rain Jacket Rating: 90/100 View Latest Deal →
Grundéns Weather Watch Hooded Fishing Jacket Rating: 88/100 View Latest Deal →
Result Mens Heavyweight Waterproof Rain Suit Rating: 85/100 View Latest Deal →
 Frogg Toggs Toadz Firebelly Rain Jacket Rating: 82/100 View Latest Deal →
WindRider Pro Foul Weather Gear Rating: 80/100 View Latest Deal →
Huk Men’s Packable Rain Jacket Rating: 79/100 View Latest Deal →
Navis Marine Rain Suit for Men Women Rating: 76/100 View Latest Deal →

Our 10 Best Fishing Rain Gear Reviews

If we have convinced you of the importance of having rain gear, then let us help you find the best one to use.

FroggToggs All Sport Rain Suit

A word of advice, only orders a large size for this rain suit if you are confident. The FroggToggs is reasonably large, even in the medium.

We found out that the coat was a good fit, though it is made primarily for larger clothing. The base of the jacket included a drawstring that helps with the fitting, so you can still make adjustments if necessary.

The arms of the jacket held the right measurements, even when we tried them on long hands. The hood is large, possibly a little too large.

We believe that this was a design choice made to fit helmets, as we could wear our headgear beneath the hood.

It also fits some of us here who have large heads and therefore, require large helmets. If you are facing the wind, make sure you use the strings to cinch it tight.

You can detach the adjustable hood if you are in the mood to experience the rain and wind (or to show your chiseled facial features).

For those of you who use regular rain gear, FroggToggs does not have the nylon/vinyl type of fabric that is familiar to you. However, this does not affect the rain gear’s quality.

In our personal experience, it is comfortable, lightweight, and protects you from the rain effectively, but we did find the lack of pockets awkward.


It is lightweight
Comfortable wear in rain
Hood fits helmets (and big heads)
Great fiting for larger person


No proper ventilation ports
Lack of pockets

Coleman PVC/Nylon Rain Suit

One cannot create a list of the best rain gears for fishing without including Coleman.

The suit’s best feature is its durability.

To test the limits of its durability, we wore them in waist-high water. We then let it dry and subjected it to a spray of water from a hose (which is necessary if you want to keep your rain gear clean).

After this small test, we checked the rain suit for any damage. Not a single leak anywhere. We then wore it while performing intense activities like jogging, climbing, and lifting heavy items. The result? No hole or tear in the slightest.

The coat has an appropriate vent, making it suitable for chilly weathers. We would not recommend it during the hotter days since the suit’s materials also include rubber.

Nonetheless, the best part of the suit is it features pockets!

A little visor in the hood is a neat addition to the suit, as it allows you to see without getting yourself wet. Drawstrings on either side of the hood allow you to tighten it, if you want to.

Pants are long, and the design is to allow the sleeves to cover your shoes. To us, these little additions show the attention Coleman has placed in the suit’s manufacture.

We have had people complain that the material could have been thicker. While that is a valid feedback, it is important to note that a thicker suit will reduce its flexibility.


Incredible durability
Visor in the hood
Great ventilation feature
It has enough pockets


Uncomfortable to wear during heat days
Pants do not have the same quality as the coat


Have you already decided which brand gives you the best fishing jacket yet? Before you nod yes, we would recommend that you go through the remaining reviews to help with your decision.

After wearing the Swiswell, once of the first impressions you will make is that the suit is not that attractive. You might say that it is somewhat bulky.

This is intentional. Swiswell has made the suit to fit comfortably over your clothing. This additional space allows you to add a jacket (in case of extremely chilly temperatures).

The design of the suit is to make it more functional than attractive.

At first, the material seemed like it would absorb water. When we checked it in the rain (and under a faucet), the suit showed effective protection against water.

Swiswell showed good insulation in the jackets and the pants, keeping us dry by venting the sweat.

What sets it apart from other rain gear is that it is lightweight. We found that we could store the suit easily, making it convenient for us to carry it on our travels.

All cuffs have a Velcro cinch that allows you to tighten them against extreme weather. Our only gripe lies in the fact that the pants did not provide the same excellent protection that the coat and the hood did.

Overall, Swiswell not just provides you with sufficient protection in the rain, but also keeps the chilly winds at bay.


Coat and pants provide good insulation
Lightweight and easily storable
Good for both cold and warm temperatures


Might be too bulky for some
Pants do not provide good protection

WindRider Pro Rain Jacket

Some rain gears provide you with features. Others aim to keep you dry with the latest technology.

WindRider, on the other hand, wants to focus on comfort. The jacket provides a high degree of breathability, which becomes useful during intense activities. Who says fishing does not work your muscles sometime?

The jacket does not compromise on quality when providing such a level of comfort. It is waterproof, breathable and presents features such as a roll away hood, fully taped seams, and storm flaps.

Its fleece-lined collar is nice and high, allowing you to keep out the wind. We sometimes do not like adding a scarf or a buff for added warmth underneath our jacket.

In such circumstances, the collar is a welcome feature. One of the features that we cannot stop talking about is storage.

The jacket lets you place numerous items within its deep front pockets, which comes handy when you want to carry your baits.

The adjustable inner cuffs cinch tight to your wrists so you do not have to worry about snow or water running into your sleeves.

This becomes a necessary trait when you are active, as the chances of rainwater or other sluice running down your hands are high.


Highly breathable Fabric
Fleeced-lined collar
Highly durable
Number of storage options


Not suitable for sunny days

Grundéns Weather Watch Hooded Fishing Jacket

After trying out this jacket, we felt that it was a versatile piece of gear. Although it seems the jacket is built for rugged work environments, we found that it easily fits everyday casual use and fishing trips as well.

Not to mention backpacking excursions (yup, we tried the jacket then as well).

Since the Weather Watch does not have many meshes inside, it feels less bulky. When it comes to breath ability, it is comfortable if you are fishing in the lower altitudes. It becomes an issue at a higher elevation.

As you might notice from our reviews of the rain gear on this list, we love pockets. Grundéns has been generous by providing us with two front pockets. Opening the zipper rewards you with two large storage spaces.

The jacket itself is stylish, provides great coverage for the neck, and comes with adjustable Velcro wrists. You can clinch the Hood and waist sections to tighten the jacket further.

We also tested out the jacket during summer and found it to be breathable. It did not make us feel uncomfortable and it was lightweight as well.

Weather Watch is also lightweight, making it a smooth fit for both the cold and hot weathers.


Comfortable for both cold and hot seasons
Good storage space
Fit for everyday use as well
Great looking gear


May not protect you well during heavy rains
Zippers sometimes get stuck

Result Mens Heavyweight Waterproof Rain Suit

It is not often that you find color options for a rain suit. When you find it, however, it is a rewarding moment.

Apart from black, Results gives you strong color options such as navy and olive, and bold colors like yellow and red. Our favorite was olive (something about green and nature. We love being symbolic sometimes.)

If you are fishing in areas with minimal to a light rainfall, then Result is your rain suit to go. It does not manage to keep you dry longer than a couple of hours during a heavy downpour.

When it does work well, it keeps you dry and does not tear easily.

We are beginners at fishing. Therefore, it was no surprise that one of our team members had a rather large bass slamming into his suit.

We were hoping for that impact to leave a mark but our surprise, it merely left a small scuff. The suit was still okay.

We did discover that the sleeves were short for long-armed men. We are uncertain if this was a design choice, but it could be unappealing to some.

The jacket has a comfortable hood attached to it. However, we discovered that we could not roll it into the collar. This leaves the adjustable hood flapping on your back.


Excellent protection during light rainfall
A range of color options
Deep pocket space
Highly Durable


Performs poorly under heavy rainfall
Cannot roll the hood

Frogg Toggs Toadz Firebelly Rain Jacket

Our quest to find the best fishing jacket has brought to this point; we are including another item from FroggToggs.

This time, it is not a rain suit, but a jacket.

We do not usually say this, but one of the first things we noticed about the jacket was its zipper.

You read that right; we liked the zipper arrangement.

In the Firebelly, you can cover the zipper with a fold-over storm flap. Once you zip up, you can fold the right flap to the left and secure that with another flap that sticks to Velcro.

This simple, but effective, arrangement shows the care FroggToggs has given to this jacket.

And now to pockets! This jacket has lots of them. Two sets in fact.

The first set of pockets are located on the top and have zipper closures. You can store your cellphones into these pockets comfortably. The pockets also allow you to wade through waist-high water easily.

The second set of pockets are located right below the first ones and allow you to warm your hands.

Hood provides another convenient feature; you can roll it up and tuck it underneath the collar flap. There are also Velcro closures to secure your adjustable hood when it is not in use.

The jacket itself allows for excellent movement, provides a snug fit, and is extremely durable.


Great durability
Excellent storage features
Highly Flexible
Velcro closures to secure your hood
Highly waterproof


The material is bulky
Not all may like Velcro arrangement

WindRider Pro Foul Weather Gear

If you are thinking that we are not giving you many options for choosing the best fishing rain gear, then you have another thing coming. Hang on tight; here come more options your way.

We now head over to the bib and pants arrangement of the WindRider Pro Foul Weather Gear.

The gear itself is comfortable, light, and shows good stitching. You can adjust the shoulder straps easily for height, which is a bonus for tall people. There are Cordura reinforcements over the knee, rear-end, and the hem areas which allow for longevity.

After adjusting the gear, you will find that there are no under-arm or upper-chest tightness. This is impressive considering the layering.

There are hand-warming pockets that have an excellent fleece lining. With plenty of additional pockets, storage becomes easy too.

Because of the reinforced knees, you can work on your boat without worrying about tear. You will also feel comfortable moving around because of the non-restrictive material.

Sometimes, even the smallest adjustment gives you such a great benefit. You will notice this with the ankle straps. These nifty additions allow you to tighten your legs and prevent water access.


Reinforced parts to increase longevity of the gear
Additional pockets for storage
Comfortable and light


Not very breathable
Inner leg seams are not very durable

Huk Men’s Packable Rain Jacket

It is not often that you can find a good completely waterproof and windproof jacket. Nevertheless, Huk creates a perfect balance between the two.

While striking that balance, the jacket manages to be lightweight and breathable. You will also find a great degree of flexibility in the jacket, making movements comfortable (essential for when you are catching those big fishes!)

The jacket provides two pockets for storage. We did think that the pocket was not large enough to warrant any special attention.

You will receive proper venting from the jacket, keeping you less sweaty. We do have to mention here that it is not ideal for summer and excess perspiration.

After you subject the jacket to rain and bring it back indoors, it tends to dry quickly. We like this bit as it makes it easy for us to clean the jacket.

You get a fair bit of durability if you are performing mild activities. Do not expect the jacket to remain strong when you take intense actions.

While this may sound like a drawback, remember that fishing is actually a relaxing activity. Unless you are trying to catch a shark.


Great style and a comfortable fit
Very Flexible and highly durable
Provides proper venting during mild perspiration


Strenuous activities may cause a tear
Not enough storage space in pockets

Navis Marine Rain Suit for Men Women

This is one of the more underappreciated rain suits in this list. It would have been a crime not to include this jacket.

First impression; the quality of the suit impressed us, and it will appeal to you too.

We had heard a lot about its durability. To test it out, we found ourselves hiking all day in the breathable rain. The results were quite remarkable.

The jacket not only managed to keep us dry throughout the day but also under heavy rainfall.

Next, we decided to hose it down. We did not just want to test its durability even more, but we realized we had to clean it too (due to our long hike of course).

When we subjected it to our hose, the jacket did not allow the water to seep throughThat convinced us, beyond a reasonable doubt about its quality.

The jacket fits well. The pants? Not so much.

We are still uncertain if Navis intentionally designed the pants to be short. If they were thinking of some advantage from the design, we do not notice it.

Pro tip, we found embroidering our logo on the jacket satisfying. If you have a logo or design, you should try it too.


Superb quality
Highly waterproof
Jacket fits well


Pants were a bit too small
Not very durable

What To Look for Before Buying a Rain Gear?

You have to come to the waters ready. Otherwise, you might not have a nice time fishing. And nobody wants that.

Even if it does not rain, you might get wet while fishing. A breathable rain gear helps protect your valuables and prevents you from getting damp.

Before choosing a gear, they should possess many features to be your fishing companion.

fishing rain gear


There are different ways to make rain gear. Manufacturers can use multiple materials to ensure quality, durability, and features. All of this is important when you are considering your rain gear.

See recommended reviews, such as ours, to gain an idea about the best gear for fishing. Compare one product with another to narrow down your selection. Check and see if the piece fits your build.

Once you have considered all the factors, then you can make a sound judgment.


The zipper is a fragile part of any rain gear. You might think that you do not have to pay much attention to the zipper. However, a faulty zipper can create many discomforts later.

When you are in the middle of your fishing, you do not want your zipper to be caught. Some rain gear have zippers in their pockets as well. If they decide to be stuck when you need them most, you will end up having an unpleasant experience.

Always check the zippers multiple times before making your purchase.


Finally, the ventilation of your rain gear is an important function. You do not want to suffocate in your gear while fishing. We do not think that will make for a fond memory.

Pick a suit or jacket that will optimize the airflow in your body. Some gear will have hoods that you can roll back easily. Other suits provide you with additional zippers.

With all these features, choose the gear that gives you maximum comfort.

Common FAQs

Here are common FAQs we found about rain gears. 

Manufacturers add an inner layer to a rain gear as an insurance layer. If the outer layer is compromised for any reason, the inner layer will still protect you.

Rain gear is not meant to be fashionable. Some products try to add as much style as possible into their design.

The main purpose of rain gear is to act as an outer layer. You should wear them over other pieces of clothing.

You can wash them by hand or gentle machine wash.

You should air-dry them. Do not put them into a dryer.

Waterproof prevents the water from getting to your skin.

When something is water-resistant, it prevents water from seeping through for a short while.

Manufactures test them against the wind. However, different jackets provide different degrees of protection.


Are you ready to catch your first bass? Well, you should have a bass fishing rain gear. Your gear is important and is usable not just during rain.

Which is why you should make sure you get yourself a gear that fits multiple purposes.

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