5 Best Storm Glass Reviews: An Ultimate Guide [2022]

5 Best Storm Glass Reviews: An Ultimate Guide [2021]

Here in this best storm glass reviews article you will find: What storm glass is and how you can buy the best ones online according to your needs. Take a look!

At a glance: Top 3 best storm glasses to buy

Best Storm Glass Globe

CAVEEN Storm Glass Weather Station

CAVEEN Storm Glass Weather Station
Best Storm Glass Weather Predictor

Kikkerland ST71 Storm Glass

Kikkerland ST71 Storm Glass
Best Rated Storm Glass

Constantinople Storm Glass Weather Predictor

Constantinople Storm Glass Weather Predicto

Many of us have spared a thought about predicting the weather on our own. Well, now it is possible with the best storm glass weather predictor. 

You can easily forecast whether it is cloudy, clear, or windy before leaving your house. A weather-predicting storm glass is a great device to look at and offers you accuracy at every point.

If you are thinking to buy storm glass, then there are plenty of options to consider. Keep on reading to find out more about these amazing devices to get an ideal product for your space.

DID YOU KNOW: It was a much popular instrument in the 1860s by Robert FitzRoy.  However, the original inventor is unknown.

What is a storm glass?

Storm Glass is a device built with crystal formations that change supposedly based on weather conditions. 

It has a built-in mixture of chemicals that are said to be crystallized in such a way that they can predict the weather in advance. The liquid inside the glass is a combination of distilled water, chemicals, and ethanol.

However, the mixture inside can vary according to the manufacturer. 

It is also known as weather-predicting glass and chemical weather glass. It has been around us since the 19th century, however, they became less popular in that era as barometers were much more affordable.

5 Best storm glass weather forecaster Reviews 

To get the best storm glass to buy, we have reviewed the top 5 devices from Amazon that are worth considering.

CAVEEN Storm Glass Weather Station

This device is made of premium glass, transparent liquid, and a wooden base. It looks stronger and beautiful. The liquid will change itself to clear, feather, crystal flakes, and snowflakes as soon as the weather changes.

This glass is mostly used as a decorative option nowadays along with some amount of weather predictions. It is a globe shape design and a great crafted glass that can be symbolized for friendship and love. 

It is a great gift for occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many more.  It may take one to 2 weeks for the glass and the crystal to stabilize and adapt to the environment.


Amazing built quality and stand
Thick and lightweight storm glass
Highly affordable
Modern and stylish design


Does not work after some time

What Users Are Saying

Users loved the packing that came with the storm glass. They mentioned that the storm glass is very pretty with its shape and stand. They loved an easy setup and easy usage of the weather station. 

However, many of them mentioned that it did not predict weather much efficiently.

 Kikkerland ST71 Storm Glass 

Adorn your home or your office with this simple storm glass. It responds to atmospheric changes to forecast the weather. Crystal is sealed inside the glass chamber and is scattered when there are changes in the pressure and temperature

It is built with an airtight container that is sealed properly to ensure it is not flimsy enough to break easily.

Whether you are planning to travel or sail off, this will provide you the forecast. It was invented by the captain of Darwin’s HMS Beagle. It is an updated barometer version. 

It is a great choice at a low-cost price with over 800+ ratings on amazon.


Lightweight and small structured
Classy and a decorative piece
Suitable product to gift
Simple operation and easy to use


Accuracy varies with time

What Users Are Saying

Many of the users loved the elegant design of the product. They mentioned that it was a great addition to their homes aesthetically. The product quality is good and affordable. However, many of them did not like the working of the device. It remains cloudy and unsettled.

Constantinople Storm Glass Weather Predictor

It is a great model that checks all the points according to your needs. It is a 2-in-1 set that can be purchased. 

The crystal formation inside the drop storm glass changes as soon as the weather changes. The liquid is clear and shows crystallization that is very aesthetic to watch. 

It is a gorgeous decorative piece that can blend with your decor. It is a great gifting item to your friends, family, and relatives. 

When placed correctly near the window, it can react to the weather changes and will also serve you as a decorative item.


Beautiful and Aesthetic decorative piece
Great for gifting your friends
Blends with your decor


A bit expensive item

What Users Are Saying

The users liked this beautiful weather station. They liked the nice wooden sturdy base and classic design that blends with their decor. It predicts actual weather and works great. However, many of them mentioned that the formations remained the same for a long period.

GM GMISS Storm Glass Weather Station

This is one of the best-selling storm glass predictors from the amazon list. It is a natural and beautiful device that can be kept in your living, kitchen, bedroom, bar, etc.  

It is a magical storm glass that is built with transparent liquid to turbid, crystal, and a stylish windproof glass of new technology for natural weather forecasting. It has a strong and sturdy wooden base that holds the glass in place.

It has an aesthetic style that can be seen on any scene or table. It usually takes one or two weeks for crystals to stabilize and adapt to the surroundings. 

You can check whether the glass is working or not by keeping it in the freezer for half an hour to see the changes. It is also a great gift for the family on occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and many more.


It is a highly affordable device
It is available in many different sizes
Simple yet and attractive design
Extremely sturdy wooden base


Not that effective

What Users Are Saying

The users said that it was a neat and pretty decorative item. You may have to wait for a week to get the accuracy. They also loved the affordability of the storm glass. Many of them faced issues with the work, as it does not work as it is supposed to.

Overall they think it is a great product for the house.

Lily’s Fitzroy Storm Glass Weather Predictor

It has two devices built-in one box. It is designed with storm glass and a Galileo thermometer. Both the instruments are designed in an encased wooden holder of mahogany finish. 

It also has an in-built clock and most accurate hygrometer at the front facing of the device. It is 7 inches tall but is smaller than large size storm glass. It is a great addition to your living room or your work desk. 

It is not expensive as other devices and is one of the best and highly reviewed products from the buyers. It has a subtle design and looks like a traditional storm glass. 


It has a wide frame made with cherry gloss wood
It is a sturdy device
Blends perfectly with any classic decor
Predicts weather 1 or 2 days in advance


Available in only one size

What Users Are Saying

The users found the two in one option very handful. The thermometer and the storm glass worked appropriately. Most loved was the clock and hygrometer integration in the device.

However, some of them mentioned that it was pricey and that the storm glass did not work very well.

How does storm glass work?

Even today, we still struggle to understand how the storm glass works or how the crystal structure forms or changes its shape. Truth is that not many studies have been conducted to figure out the process.

There are many different chemicals and combinations present in the device. Fitzroy’s version of storm glass was not sealed completely, and hence there were pressure changes in the readings.

Today’s we have much more advanced storm glasses that are sealed hermetically ( sealed with rubber ), meaning that the changes may have some temperature differences from the outside but not much fluctuations in the reading.

While the research is still an ongoing process, we have seen that crystal growth is highly affected by the temperature more than any other weather condition.

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How to read storm glass

Any device you buy from above will have an instruction manual on how to read it. However, there is no variance in reading the storm glass. 

Here is a picture explanation of the formation reading to see some common meanings of formations.

How to read storm glass

There is some meaning for every formation that happens in the glass. For example, when you see large flakes, you can predict that the weather is cloudy or is going to snow ( in winter ).

When you see strands forming in the top portion then you can predict that the weather is windy.

Does a Storm Glass Work Indoors?

Storm glasses are not meant for outside use, hence you should keep them inside your house. Also, nowadays, people like to have something essential that looks great inside.

Such products as Storm glasses are a great addition to enhance your interiors.  

Where You Should Place Storm Glass? 

When you are trying to read a storm glass, make sure you keep it in a place where it is not affected by the temperature swings.

Meaning that it should not have direct sunlight, or should not be placed near AC units. You can place your device at a certain height so that it is kept away from the children.

Is a Storm Glass Accurate?

There were very few tests conducted to predict whether the storm glasses provide accuracy or not. The tests showed that there were equal chances of being correct and leaving predictions up to the part. 

In our opinion, storm glasses are not much to rely upon as a weather instrument. It can be a great addition to your living room or coffee table. 

If you are looking for precise weather forecasting, then check out the best weather stations instead.

Storm glass accurate

Choosing Factors while Buying a Storm Glass

You should know what to look for before buying a storm glass, especially when buying it for the first time. Here are few factors that should be considered. 


Get the perfect size of the device that you need according to your available space. Look at the base or the stand of the glass. Make sure it is wide enough or compact enough to fit in the place. 

Look for the height of the device so you know the space to stand it up.


Consider whether you need a wooden base for your glass or not. Some models are not designed with the base but are flatted to allow it to stand up. 


You need to think about how long it will require to stabilize and adapt to the environment before you can start using it. 


Last but not least, think about your budget. This will make your process much easier before you start browsing for the best ones. 

DIY: How to Make a Storm Glass

Liquids inside the glasses are mostly chemicals and are hazardous. When you inhale these liquids it can make you sick. You need to make sure that you handle it with care and avoid exposure to your skin. 

In our opinion, we will recommend you to buy one instead of making one. considering the chemicals required, they are difficult to obtain. If you get a hang of it, then you can create one of your own.  

Here is a video that can help you understand how the storm glass is made. 

Where to buy storm glass?

Keeping your options simple, we would recommend sticking with Amazon. You can find great products with a bunch of reviews and deals. It is a safer bet.

Common FAQs

If it is fully solidified or not going back to normal, then you can easily reset it so that it starts working again. Start by slowly heating the liquid in the glass by tilting it in all directions. 

Make sure to do this carefully so that you don’t break the glass.

You don’t need to worry even when your storm glass breaks. The main ingredients include water, alcohol, and camphor. 

It works as a premise that temperature and pressure affect solubility and sometimes result in clear liquid. Other times it causes precipitants to form. 

It takes about 15 minutes to gradually tilt and heat the storm glasses so that the crystals dissolve entirely. 

In case of contact with liquid contents, wash your hands with soap and water. Contact your physician immediately. Use gloves to clean up spilled and broken glasses. 


If you are hoping that you will get accurate weather readings, you might get disappointed. When you are deciding to buy the best storm glass weather station, remember that it is a decorative desk item rather than a weather forecasting instrument.

However, listed here are the great items and can be a perfect decorative item or a gift item. They can be either right or either wrong, so do not depend on them.

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