Davis Instruments Review: An Ultimate Brand Guide

Generally, while you search for a perfect weather station, there are innumerable specific qualities that you need to consider. These qualities make great features of the weather station.

In this competitive world of weather stations, Davis Instruments Weather Stations have outshined in terms of flexibility, accuracy, durability, and value for money as well. All the products of Davis Instruments have carved their way with quality and reliability.

Davis is known to create top-notch, quality-filled, environmental monitoring equipment. The products of Davis are designed and also assembled in the USA. Davis is known to provide unique, great, and effective solutions to all day-to-day problems.

Be it indoors or outdoors equipment, marine equipment, weather monitoring equipment, or technology related, Davis has been a great and prominent provider. For well beyond 50 years, Davis has been a manufacturer of weather equipment. The company boasts quality, innovation, and technology. Both professionals and hobbyists are huge fans of Davis Instruments today.

The Davis Instruments has successfully and very efficiently moved to the powerful territory of EnvironMonitor after finding early success in Weather Monitor and Weather Wizard and the new generations Vantage Pro 2 and Vantage Vue. The future of the weather stations and all the other weather monitoring instruments has turned out to be very exciting thanks to Davis’s tech upgrades like cloud’s WeatherLink, 3G Telemetry, and smart device technology.

What Products To Look For from Davis Instruments?

Davis Instruments has various products to offer to the world which would ease weather detection and all the limitations related to it. Take a look below to briefly understand the products Davis Instrument offers.

Davis Instrument Exclusive Product

Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station  

Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station

This weather station from Davis provides all the required weather data through this Vantage Vue. It is sleek, tough, and compact. The weather station has an outdoor sensor that is connected to the outside console. This console sends uninterrupted weather data like outdoor temperature and indoor temperature, wind speed, indoor humidity, wind direction, barometric pressure, outdoor humidity, and rainfall. Sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, moon phases, weather forecast, and all the weather trends are displayed by this Vantage Vue. There is a Digital Weather Center Button displaying weather variables for the present and future (25 days). 


  • Humidity and Temperature display for both outdoor and indoor 
  • Wind Chill, Wind Vane, Wind Direction and Wind Speed display
  • Dew Point display with Heat display
  • Rain rate and Rainfall display
  • Every 2.5 seconds update with a high-speed recording of 150 mph to the lowest speed of 2 mph
  • Energy backup is stored and is solar powered as well
  • Elements protection with integrated sensor for sealed electronics
  • Night viewing is convenient due to the glow in the dark keypad
  • User friendly and easy to use and read
  • Danger alarms (more than 22) can be set
  • You get an optional WeatherLink Software for the extensive analysis of weather
  • It comes with a 1-year factory warranty


It is known as the beginner’s weather instrument giving out the most accurate weather data thanks to its up to date technology

The materials used in the Vantage Vue are of top-class

It has a very reliable weather station

WeatherLink as an addon is a great thing


Hardware must be bought separately to have internet connectivity with the instrument

The anemometer cannot be easily adjusted or moved making it difficult to get accurate data

What Users Are Saying

Maximum users say that this weather station is top-notch. This weather station is super easy to set up. It gives accurate readings and sensor array measures wind speed. It is very precise and a great home weather station. Few of the users feel that after a major storm the weather station stops giving accurate readings.

Personal Weather Stations

Davis Instruments 6152 Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station 


Vantage Pro 2

This weather station has a versatile sensor that would deliver the data of anemometer, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, and Aerocone rain gauge. It is a very professional weather station. It has a indoor console with a wireless cabled model. As it’s a rugged weather station, it is used for heavy-duty RF users. Davis Vantage Pro2 updates real-time weather data every 2.5 seconds. It is a very reliable and accurate weather station. It has a wide range of transmission 1,000’/300 m from the sensor suiting the console. Years of reliable data can be obtained thanks to the weather-proof, rugged sensor.


  • It is wireless, solar power enabled, and backed with lithium battery for night times or during winter and cloudy days
  • The rain gauge comes with a self-emptying Rain Collector
  • There are humidity and temperature sensors within the UV radiation protective shield
  • Wind and temperature readings are taken into account
  • 70+ alarms can be set and 80+ graphs available on the console
  • Super flexible with a detachable anemometer
  • Comes with an optional tripod
  • Integrated additional sensors, display console, and mounting hardware comes with the system


Rugged weather station with versatile design

The readings of the weather station are extremely accurate 

The product is expandable as per future requirement

It is entirely solar powered weather station


It is a comparatively  expensive model

The connection to the internet is not included

What Users Are Saying

A unanimous review about Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station is that the brand Davis is unbeatable. It provides the most precise information and weather reports as per the users. Most of the users say that upgrading this weather station would make it pro-level completely.

AirLink Professional Air Quality Sensor


Davis’ weather stations are the talk of the town and with that, the AirLink quality monitor report it generates is very precise and perfect. This product can be deployed outdoors as well as indoors giving readings as small as 1 Micron. This is unlike the other devices. The air within the home and outside the home is very dangerous and what we breathe in is unpredictable. AirLink will help in accurately measuring PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 particulate matter. 


  • The air you breathe in is tested for dangerous elements
  • PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 is the matter at which the AirLink is measured
  • It can measure small particles of even 0.3 micrometers having an accuracy of +/-10 micrograms per cubic meter in concentrations
  • It is easily connected to your computer and your mobile devices
  • The air quality of global destinations can be seen
  • It is easily connected to the Wi-Fi
  • It can be paired with other weather stations 
  • The design is very compact and not noisy at all
  • The setup is very easy
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty 


The air monitoring is very precise and gives real-time data for both indoors and outdoors

It can track small particles of 1 micron causing danger 

All Davis’ weather stations can be integrated with AirLink


Visual indicators are not displayed on mobiles, it shows only readings

Other airborne pollutants like VOCs are not measured

What Users Are Saying

This product according to the users is a greatly useful product providing the desired readings. The gadget has worked wonders even during and after the heavy storms and wildfires. The users have the opinion that the weather station is of super high quality, but equally expensive as well.

Data Collection

WeatherLink Live


Retrieving data from any of the Davis weather sensors becomes easier and faster with WeatherLink Live. It makes it fast, reliable, and simple. It collects data from indoor and outdoor remote sensors through a network using spread spectrum, frequency hopping Davis’s dependable radio. The data can be accessed from the cloud as well on to the mobiles and laptops as well. The data can be then securely shared on the WeatherLink App and WeatherLink.com.


  • Data can be streamed live 
  • Can configure a custom network of over 80 sensors to a single WeatherLink Live™
  • There are more than 10 types of sensors
  • It can read from 8 transmitters
  • The distance of transmission is 300 m that is 1,000 feet
  • The WeatherLink is integrated with Amazon Alexa 


This is the product that brings Davis instruments into the new-gen 21st century

Live data is displayed through the app

This smart weather station has complete home connectivity

If there is internet failure the data still gets collected thanks to the battery backup


It is a little expensive 

What Users Are Saying

This WeatherLink does not need a computer to access the internet and can perform solely. The setup is very easy and the user experience is great. Although few hobbyists feel that the product is overpriced. 

Data Viewing

Vantage Vue® Wireless Console/Receiver 


This console is a very compact one yet is loaded with range of features, including a glow-in-the-dark keypad, a backlit LCD screen making the weather data viewing easy on days and nights. This product gives you the provision to have multiple screens. Using this console data can be retransmitted wirelessly 1,000’/300 m to WeatherLink Live or another console. The additional console would be suitable with both wireless Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Vue sensors.


  • It performs best with both the Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro2 wireless weather stations
  • The updating interval is every 2.5 seconds
  • It can transmit data up to 300 m (1,000 ft.) without needing a wire
  • To have uninterrupted data transmission it has a frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio
  • Low wind speeds like 2 km/h and as high as 241 km/h are detected in this system
  • It has a glowing keypad which is useful at nights


The quality of the console is very good

The console display is fantastic

Flawless working


Some users have faced a lack of descriptive forecast icons

A little expensive

What Users Are Saying

All the users have simply patted their backs for buying this console as it works flawlessly. The readings are accurate. Users have reviewed saying it is flawless and a great buy.

Davis Instruments Pros and Cons


Davis has been providing best in class weather stations
The weather stations are of superior quality material
They provide accurate readings
Setting up the weather stations is very easy
The weather stations from Davis are highly ranked
All the products come with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee


Ambient Weather's has come up with great weather stations in comparison to Davis
Davis’s weather stations are comparatively expensive
They lack the latest technology trends

Davis Prices, Packages, Deals, Where to Buy It?

You can buy the Davis Instruments products at online stores like Amazon, Home Depots, and Lowes. You can check the available product details online, go through their specs, pros, and cons, customer reviews before buying them. You can directly buy them from the company website as well. These online websites also come up with clearance sales, offers, and deals on the products.

The Davis Instrument products range from $120 to $1,100.

Davis Weather Stations Warranty, Return Policy and Service

Return Policy:

There is a 30-day money-back return policy for Davis Instruments. If you are planning to return the product then as per Davis’ procedure, call the company and let them know of the issues. They would try to rectify it. If you are still not satisfied then you can return it within 30 days.


Davis has a 1-year warranty on all its products.


Davis’s service section is great with repairing and rectifying policies. You can give them a call stating the issue with their product. They would solve the issue for you or ask you to replace the product.

People Also Ask

Davis offers several highly ranked weather stations. While they’re more expensive than the competitors, there is a reason: they are worth it. Davis has a tradition of excellence and delivers extremely high-quality products that stand above the rest in terms of essential features, accuracy, and more.

The brand Davis Instruments offers multiple highly ranked and top-quality weather stations. Davis gives excellence and delivers products of top-notch quality. The range of features in Davis’ weather station are all technologically innovative and best in terms of accuracy. Davis weather stations, although a bit expensive, are good and worth it.

4 to 6 feet above the ground level should be the ideal height at which the weather station must be placed. The horizontal distance would be 4 times the height of its nearest obstruction. The gauge should be parallel to the ground and away from the horizontal surface which might get exposed to rain or snow.

You can download or update the WeatherLink Computer Software using the below steps.

  1. Create a free account on WeatherLink.com.
  2. Log in using the credentials you used while setting up the account.
  3. The screen will show a Bulletin Dashboard by The Davis Instruments WeatherLink. You will have to click on the account icon that is right under your name on the right side of the screen.
  4. Next click on ‘Download Full Version for Windows, ‘Download Full Version for Mac’, or Update.
  5. You are good to go.

The Davis Weather Stations are here for a long haul. They last for a minimum of 10 years while there are many instances where they have lasted over 15 years as well.


Davis instruments is undoubtedly a great company providing top-class weather station model. We hope this guide on Davis Instruments review has given you clarity about the products, specifications, pros, and cons.

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