Netatmo Weather Station : Brand Guide

Netatmo weather station


To induce a seamless experience towards a safer and comfortable home, Netatmo has been producing and introducing high-quality electronic products along with embedded software for a long time. Over the years, Netatmo has outperformed most of the weather station brands when it comes to user-friendly and top-notch technology. 

In fact, Netatmo’s mobile and web applications are designed for a rich user experience with a simpler operating system. With 10 years of experience and innovation, Netatmo is known for its exceptional and top-rated products that include Air care, Security, and Energy products along with Netatmo Weather Station.

Keep reading the Netatmo weather station: brand guide to get an elevated understanding of one of the best home weather stations.

What Products To Look For from Netatmo Instruments?

Netatmo  Exclusive product

Netatmo Weather Station Indoor Outdoor with Wireless Outdoor Sensor

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Netatmo  Indoor Outdoor Weather Station 


This wireless device comes with a voice control feature where you can access the data by simply asking Alexa on Amazon Echo or Siri, owing to the compatibility with Amazon Alexa & Apple HomeKit. The Netatmo Weather Station Indoor Outdoor can easily access your weather readings inside and around your house regarding the temperature, indoor noise levels, humidity, air quality, and barometric pressure. 


  • You can review the past weather data and acquire the data history to analyze the climate conditions while you are at work or on vacation. This understanding of graphs also helps the user to study the weather trends.
  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa & Apple HomeKit, which adds to a smart home.
  • The data is also easily accessible on smartphones, tablets, or computers.
  • This weather station comes with a unique feature, according to which one can set up customized alerts for both indoor and outdoor conditions. For instance, rain alerts give you a heads up of rain in your backyard and that you can skip a day of irrigation; or ventilation alerts after the CO2 sensor measures the inside pollution level in your house and will tell you when to air out your home for a healthy environment.
  • Precise readings of the outdoor air quality, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure at your doorstep help you to plan your outside activities.
  • The elegant, innovative, and impressive design of the Netatmo Weather Station makes it fit for all homes. Its cylindrical and one-piece compact structure makes it easy for the user to mount it anywhere in and around the house.
  • Thanks to the premium materials used for its construction, the Netatmo Weather Station promises durability and reliability.
  • The indoor module is powered by a USB adapter, whereas 2 AAA batteries power the Netatmo outdoor module. The 2 AAA batteries have a battery life of up to 1 year.
  • You can also extend your Netatmo full Weather Station Pack with additional accessories such as rain gauge, wind gauge, and additional indoor module.


  • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.8 x 6 inches
  • Product Weight: 1 pound
  • Number of Batteries Required: 4 AAA batteries required
  • Connectivity technologies: Wireless
  • Colour: Aluminium
  • Components Included: 1 Outdoor Module, 2 AAA batteries included, 1 USB power adapter, 1 Indoor Module 


The Netatmo urban weather station is compatible with both IOS (iPhone) and Android.
It is one of the most accurate weather stations for homes when it comes to measuring indoor temperature and air quality.
One can create customized alerts for a secure and comfortable tomorrow.
The data is displayed either on smartphones, computers, or tablets; hence, there is no scope for traditional display consoles.
It allows you to acquire real-time information about your environment and provides you with the estimation of a 7-day weather forecast.
The built-in aluminum material used for the outer module makes it weatherproof and acquires the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.


According to some of the weather hobbyists, the Netatmo weather station is too expensive for the instruments it includes, which is true but only to an extent. When it comes to basic features that it obtains and data about the in-house conditions, this device works like a charm and fits the bill as well.
The device does come with standard weather instruments, which offer only the sensors for temperature, humidity, air quality for both indoor and outdoor; Co2 and sound meter only for indoors. If one wishes to acquire a rain gauge or wind gauge, then that will be an additional cost to your budget.
The Netatmo weather station indoor outdoor is utilized for both inside and outside climate conditions. However, the device works more accurately for one’s house’s inside environment than the outside conditions.
The outer module has short battery life. However, it is pretty tricky to set up the outer module in terms of connectivity. If that is resolved, then one may enjoy the outer module at its best.

Netamto Compatible weather station

Netamto weather station : NRG01WW


Netamto weather station : NRG01WW



This accessory of Netatmo Smart Weather Station is not included in the set. One needs to purchase this additional sensor to enjoy its further features. 


  • One can acquire real-time rainfall readings at home or work via your smartphone.
  • You can customize alerts on your smartphone regarding the commencement of rainfall and the cumulative quantities for that particular period of time.
  • It also helps you to review the data history and track the changes in rainfall, which also gives an idea about the weather trend or pattern.
  • This smart device not only tells you the precipitation level in millimeters per hour but also displays the overall precipitation and the expected precipitation.
  • The rain gauge helps a fellow gardener to understand its garden and go with the readings logged in the app, rather than estimating the best time to water the plants.
  • This smart rain gauge only works with the Netatmo weather station.


  • Compatibility: iOS, Android 5.0, PC & Mac, IFTTT, Alexa
  • Sensors and Readings: Frequency recording in every 5 minutes
  • Accuracy: 1 mm/h / 0.04 in/h
  • Application: The Netatmo Weather Station app is available at the App Store and on Google Play for free
  • Powered by: 2 AAA batteries 
  • Connectivity: Wireless (even at a long range of 100 m / 330 ft)
  • Product Dimensions: 5.12 x 4.33 x 5.12 inches
  • Product Weight: 15.8 pounds



Compatibility with both iOS and Android.
Provides real-time rainfall quantities.
With rain alerts, one can immediately know when it starts to rain.
The high-quality plastic coating of the rain gauge is UV-resistant which helps it to withstand hail, sunshine, and strong winds.
No maintenance is required.


The product may not be as robust as the features say.
If not placed well, then it might lose the signal.
It seems like an extra burden to one’s wallet since it is not available with the weather station, and the user needs to buy it separately.

Why Netatmo?

From this Netatmo urban weather station review, one can surely analyze all its attributes that assists you in your day to day life. But, Netatmo offers the best products for smart homes which makes it more special. Netatmo’s Smart Modulating Thermostat is a game changer that elevated their categories and boosted their weather station brand on another level.

Pros and cons of Netatmo Brand:


  • Netatmo provides pretty intuitive and innovative weather station products.
  • They render smart specifications regarding their products that add to a smart home.
  • The material used for their construction is of high-quality.
  • All of Netatmo’s products have one year of warranty from the date of retail purchase.


Netatmo Weather Stations Warranty and Return Policy

Return Policy:

In the case of orders placed online, there is a 60 days return policy guaranteed by Netatmo.

If one wishes to return the product, they need to visit their Netatmo customer account and select the ordered product they want to return. By clicking on ‘Return Item’ and following the specified instructions on their mobile screen, they can successfully return the product. 


Netatmo has a 2-year warranty on all its products in Europe and one year warranty in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. 

At the same time, it offers an additional one year of extended warranty in case of products purchased through our e-shop.

People also ask for:

Unlike other weather stations, Netatmo smart weather station hasn’t changed over the years, except for a few additions. The basic concept of the device has remained the same, where the user is provided with an indoor and an outdoor module that needs to be appropriately placed and connected to WiFi. The slim aluminum bodies of the indoor and outdoor sensors make it easy to fix it anywhere in and around the house but within reach of your router. Thanks to its high-quality materials, it can resist extreme climate conditions. But, what makes it worth buying is its feature to provide real-time data for temperature, humidity, and air quality for both indoor and outdoor; and CO2 and noise level for inside the house.

Even though the Netatmo weather station only comes with standard instruments that do not include a rain gauge, wind gauge, or anemometer, one can always buy the additional accessory to increase its utilization.

Yes, Netatmo Smart Weather Station is a good option, considering its incredible features and one-of-a-kind app, which is easy to read.

The Netatmo Weather Station assists weather enthusiasts to discover their indoor and outdoor climate conditions with ease. While it comes with an indoor module for inside the house and an outdoor module to fix outside the home, one can always get an extra indoor module to analyze the environment for different rooms.

The outdoor and indoor modules detect and measure the temperature, air quality, and humidity for both inside and around the house. The outdoor module also measures the barometric pressure, and at the same time, the indoor module also acquires data regarding the ventilation and sound level in the house. 

It would be best if you had the assistance of a smart weather station, should you make any outside plans, or you are fond of gardening, or simply a hobbyist who aspires to get ahead of mother nature.

To ensure a seamless smart home experience, you can enable the Google Home via the Google Assistant and control the connected device with your voice itself. To use this feature, the user must have an Android 5.0 or an iOS 10 (including the later versions). One needs to press the button long enough to activate the voice command or simply say ‘OK, Google’ if you have already activated it. Now, you can command via your voice and provide the necessary instructions. 

The battery power outdoor module is suggested to be fixed out of direct sunlight and kept in a sheltered space to avoid getting wet by direct rainfall.

Sure, the urban weather station is weatherproof, but they aren’t waterproof. Therefore, keeping the outer module in a sheltered place is recommended to avoid contact with direct rainfall.

To connect your outdoor module to your Smart Home Weather Station, one needs to follow few simple steps:

  • Open the Netatmo Weather application on your phone.
  • Go to your Settings > and Install new products.
  • Select « Add-ons for the Smart Home Weather Station ».
  • Follow the specified instructions.
  • Check that the Bluetooth on your smartphone is activated.
  • Select the module you want to add from the mentioned list.

For this process, you must understand that the indoor module of your weather station should be connected to your home WiFi to function effectively. However, without a good WiFi reception, the smart weather station seems to lose connectivity since few WiFi networks are not compatible with the device.

In order to connect to WiFi and prepare the Netatmo weather station setup, you need to follow few simple steps:

  • Download the Netatmo Weather app on your smartphone from either the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Now, create your account in the app.
  • After setting up your account, you need to power up the main module by using the charger that comes with the Smart Home Weather Station.
  • Make sure to check the LED flashes three times (in green).
  • Go to your Settings > and Install new products.
  • Select « Smart Home Weather Station »
  • Check that the Bluetooth on your smartphone is activated.
  • Select the top of the main module until the flashes on the LED are blue or white. Now, you are ready to follow the instructions of the app to enjoy its features to the fullest.


In this Netatmo weather station review, we have tried to display some of the best products that will enhance your lifestyle, add to your home automation, and not just be your meteorologist. If you are someone who needs a smart home to take care of you and your family in times of unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions, then the Netatmo weather station is the ideal choice for you.

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