What to Do and Not to Do Before, During, and After a Hurricane?


Do you think Monsters exist? Most of you will say no; in fact, you will say you don’t believe in this. But it does exist. Let me make it clear. Hurricane, a deadly storm, also known as a “one-eyed monster.”

Whenever it hits an area, it takes away millions of valuable lives and washes away their belongings. Moreover, this deadly storm affects an individual, but it is also a significant threat to a country’s economy.

Humankind can’t resist the storm, but we have the blessing of technology in this modern world. And, through this advancement, at least we can protect ourselves and lessen the damage knowing what we should do and not do before, during, and after a hurricane.

Today, I am going to provide you a clear concept about the three phases of a hurricane.

What Is A Hurricane?

Before jumping into the main topic, let’s briefly describe a hurricane and how deadly it is. Not all storms are a hurricane. Hurricanes are a kind of storm that occurs over tropical or subtropical water and whose maximum sustained wind speed goes beyond 74mbp.

The storm is so deadly that it can take away millions of lives within a blink of an eye and wash away all belongings. Hurricane does not only harm individuals property but also affects the economy of the country.

What to Do Before A Hurricane

What-to-Do-Before-A-Hurricane The people of this modern world are blessed with different innovations that can alert us from any natural disaster. Beforehand, we can get information about hurricanes through TV or radio or a phone that helps us prepare ourselves from being washed away by the storm.

Steps to follow if a Hurricane is Forecasted

For saving ourselves along with our belongings, we need to know what we should do before a hurricane, and the points are given below that should be followed if a storm is forecasted:

  • First of all, you have to leave the flood-prone areas or mobile homes and take shelter in any safer place.
  • Things that might be blown around easily, like the garbages, plywood, etc., should be moved to a safe place; otherwise, these things can hurt people and destroy other belongings.
  • The dead branches and trees must be trimmed to not fall on any other’s house because of the heavy wind.
  • A first aid box is to be prepared with all the necessary things in case of an emergency.
  • Dry foods or non-perishable foods, water bottles, battery-powered flashlights should be kept in stock which might help during or after the hurricane.
  • The windows need to be covered by permanent storm shutters to protect the windows from breaking.
  • Straps or additional clips need to be installed to secure the roof from any damage.
  • Transportation needs to be arranged in case of evacuation.
  • Unplugging the electrical equipment to avoid further damage is essential.
  • The radio should always be charged, and the evacuation instructions given by the government or any NGO should be listened to and followed carefully.

What Not to Do Before A Hurricane

If anyone hears about the hurricane, they will panic, and that is obvious. But this is the thing not to do before a hurricane. When you hear about a storm approaching, you cannot panic. Otherwise, you won’t be able to save yourself and your loved ones from the disaster. So, before the hurricane, you cannot panic and should not mess things around, and need to keep calm.

What to Do During A Hurricane

If a hurricane strikes an area, immediately you need to do the following steps:

  • One should not definitely step out of the house as the maximum sustenance of the wind is a lot more than one can handle.
  • The windows and the doors should be shut down, and we need to stay away from them. You will need to find a safe space and take shelter there until the situation comes under control.
  • Do not touch the electrical appliances. Even the computer or mobile phone can be dangerous at that time.
  • If you lose electrical power, immediately turn off the air conditioner, heater, water heater to reduce the damage.
  • The radio should be kept on constantly and need to keep updated about the surrounding.
  • Please keep your pets inside the home and take care of them to don’t go outside.

Despite following the above steps, sometimes still, it might be dangerous to stay at home. At that, it is wise to evacuate. One should leave in the following conditions, if:

  • The authority says that the place is not safe at all; one must evacuate.
  • You live in a temporary structure like the mobile home, and it is wise to leave the place no matter how stable your home is.
  • You live in a floodplain area or on a coast, and you need to leave the place immediately to reduce damage and save your life. If your area still faces flooding issues, then prepare hurricane sandbags to limit the water.
  • If you live in a high-rise building, the winds are much stronger there. So, it would be best if you moved to a safer place.

It is not easy to keep calm and move during a hurricane. If you cannot move to any other place, you need to find a safer place for yourself and take shelter there unless the situation comes in control.

What Not to Do During A Hurricane

So far, I have provided some notions on what one should do if a storm strikes in an area, but there are some things that one should avoid “during” a hurricane. For instance:

  • Don’t lighten up candles if the power goes off, and the electrical appliances must be avoided.
  • The generator must not be connected directly if the electricity goes out and fuel or petrol is not used.
  • During a hurricane, one should not use charcoal and should not make any arrangements to cook food.
  • The windows should not be taped as this can’t withstand the heavy wind. Moreover, it’s hard to remove.
  • Driving through the road during a hurricane should be avoided for the sake of your own life.
  • The metal fences might be in touch with electrical wire. So, it would be best if you did not touch the metal fences after the storm.
  • One should not stay in places if the authority orders them to leave, i.e., if evacuation is ordered, they should not live in that place.
  • Stay far away from windows.

What to Do After A Hurricane

What-to-Do-After-A-Hurricane The heavy wind and rain of the deadly storm hurricane might pass, but the danger might exist after that. So, it’s essential to be vigilant even after the storm, and one needs to keep in mind the following:

  • If you have evacuated, you need to return home after the authority declares the area safe, but you have to take only those routes you are told to use.
  • After returning to your place, it is essential to inform the authority and tell about your damage to come to help.
  • The radio should be turned ON always for any local emergency or to hear from the authority constantly.
  • During the storm, if the power cuts off, it is wise to return home and do maximum work during the daylight so that the flashlights are not wasted and can be kept for nights.
  • The power companies or the electrical authority need to be informed as soon as possible of any electrical hazards.
  • Don’t use the gas stove or light matches or touch any electrical appliances to avoid danger if you smell any gas.
  • If any electrical damage is seen, immediately turn off the main switch of the electrical board and inform the authority.
  • A hurricane’s wind can mess up everything, and there might be harmful chemicals on the floor. So, it would be best if you were careful of that, and it is better to wear some protective clothing like gloves, a hard-protective cloth for the time being.
  • Both the wild animals and the pets are disoriented after a natural disaster like humans. You need to save yourselves from them, and if possible, help them out.
  • Last but not least, you have to be careful about further electrical or fire hazards.

What Not to Do After A Hurricane

There are some things that you need to avoid after a hurricane hits an area. Like:

  • While driving, do not use any watery road because that might be dangerous as there will be a chance of slipping anytime.
  • After the storm, do not move here and thereafter the daylight.
  • Please don’t eat any food after returning home without checking, and it is better to throw the cooked or any perishable food.
  • Do not turn on the air conditioner or the heater immediately after the storm.
  • If one stays in a floodplain area, one should not move there until the authority declares it safe.


After reading the whole thing, it’s evident that you need to be careful during a hurricane and before and after it. As it is a deadly storm, it can take away your life or put your life at risk if you are not careful enough and handle the situation reluctantly. Without getting panicked, plan accordingly and be careful of the above steps, stay safe, and overcome the storm if you ever face it.

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