Proster Handheld Digital Anemometer Review 2022



The Proster Handheld Digital Anemometer is a compatible weather meter that claims to measure wind speed, wind chill, and the temperature.
It comes with a neat design and a bright yellow color to enable you to retrieve it easily in case you misplace it.

In this post, we’ll dig into more details about this anemometer in an attempt to discover if it meets its intended job, it’s best side, weaknesses, and so much more.

Hopefully, you’ll get to know if this anemometer will fit your needs by the time you finish reading this post.

Best Handheld Anemometer Deal


Lightweight and portable
Easy to operate
Backlit LCD display
Longer battery life
Data hold function
Multiple unit options
18 Months Warranty


Work Not suitable for extreme conditions (below 14 degrees F)
Accuracy ideal for recreational use only
No tripod receptacle

Combines Anemometer & Thermometer in One Unit

The digital anemometer is designed to measure wind speed as well as wind chill and temperature. This makes it an all-in-one comprehensive weather meter that will help you measure the most important weather conditions.

The wind speed meter measures wind speed with a pretty long range of 0-30m/s; it also presents you with multiple unit options for measuring the wind data (you can choose from m/s, Km/h, ft./min, Knots, and mph).

The wind temperature range runs from 10 to 45 Centigrade (14-113F). And the storage temperature is 40~60 Centigrade.

The wind chill indicator completes the all-in-one weather meter.

Larger LCD Display

You’ll appreciate the fact that this anemometer’s screen is so large that it allows you to access all your readings on a single screen without making them look too squeezed that they become hard to read.

No more scrolling through the screen to read the measurements for different weather conditions.

In addition to that, the screen also comes with the backlight function, which allows you to view the readings in low-light situations or at night.


If you want something that you can easily stash into your backpack and carry with you to any place where measuring wind speed and temperature is crucial, then this Proster handheld Digital anemometer could be your perfect choice.

The unit feels exceptionally lightweight. Its exact measurements are 40mm W by 105mm L. The back area (with the cover included) measures 18mm.

At the base of this device weather meter, you’ll also find a rectangular hole. This is where you attach the carry strap (included in the box) to enable you to hand the device around your neck for even more comfortable carry.

Proster Handheld Anemometer

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Durable & Weather resistant

The yellow cover you see on this handheld anemometer isn’t just meant to make the device look good. It goes the extra mile to offer the unit a great deal of protection in case you accidentally drop it. The cover is made of rubber which transfers its aspects like anti-skid, anti-fall, and durability to this unit.

On top of this, the anemometer is water-resistant, which means you can use it in various weather conditions. Previous users explain that the unit holds up to rain and snow pretty well.

However, you should avoid using this anemometer in heavy rains (or in any situations where it can get soaked up easily) just to be on the safe side. Also, the manufacturer state that it’ll not function in extreme winter conditions (below 14 degrees F).

What Users Are Saying

Users loved this little fun gadget. They mentioned it was to handle and use even if you are traveling. The battery works amazingly and is easy to replace. Overall the users mentioned that it is easy on the pocket.

The case is strong enough that adds a protective layer even if you drop it. The users loved that the device is extremely portable and can fit in your hand. However, many faced issues with the battery enclosure. They mentioned it was a bit difficult to fit it in after removing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

YES, this unit will allow you to obtain the airflow out of your HVAC duct. It also offers you Max, average, and current airflow options to choose from.

Yes, this weather meter is waterproof. That being said, it’s important to note that this water-resistant goes to some extent; you can use it lighter rains but not heavy downpours which will cause it to soak is a No-no.

Unfortunately, the unit doesn’t come with a receptacle for attaching to a tripod. The rectangular hole you’ll find at its base is only meant for connecting the carry strap.

Unfortunately, this unit does not read CFM for HVAC technicians. However, it goes you the option of measuring the airflow in feet per minute, which you can then use manually to calculate the CFM.

While the unit reads the highest temperature, it doesn’t retain it (have no memory).


Proster Handheld Digital Anemometer is a basic unit that offers you just the essential functions you need to measure wind speed, wind chill.

We didn’t like the fact that this unit lacks a tripod receptacle for hands-free use, and has limited button functions.

However, it comes with a string of handy functions like the carry strap, auto shutoff, data hold function, multiple unit options, complete user manual, and a long-life battery.

We recommend this digital anemometer to anyone looking for a weather meter for recreational use only. If you’re looking for a professional meter, this might not be your top choice due to the accuracy issue.

The cost of this unit is unbeatable!

But again, remember you get what you pay for (which explains why this unit will be limited to fun activities only).

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